A hoax called Wheatgrass.


I was in herbal research for a long time. Let me tell you, there’s no shortage of herbal con-artists in the field.

One of the great herbal hoaxes of the modern age is – Wheatgrass juice.

Make no mistake. It’s a hoax, plain and simple.

Nothing annoys me more than this great misconception that many people have – namely, if it’s herbal, there are no side-effects.  It’s a default response. If I say ‘Herbal’, you’ll say, ‘No side effects’.  I’ve seen too many people screw up their health because of this myth.

There are innumerable claims being made about the alleged health benefits of Triticum aestivum, that being the scientific name for Wheatgrass.

Not one of these claims is backed by hard scientific evidence. Not one.

The alleged “detoxifying” effect of wheatgrass juice is non-existent. Our liver and kidneys do an excellent job of removing toxins from the body – whatever one means by “toxins”. Wheatgrass juice has no proven effect on either liver function or renal function. No effect whatsoever.

And to your misfortune, if your liver or kidney function is compromised due to infection, or chemotherapy or anything else, wheatgrass juice will not help you in any manner at all.

The “living” chlorophyll found in wheatgrass (whatever that means), is simply not available to the body, for a very good reason. That chlorophyll is broken rapidly by the strong acid in your stomach. Even if it were available, your body has no use for it. Chlorophyll is not a substitute for the body’s natural hemoglobin.

The same fate befalls the enzymes found in wheatgrass. They are all destroyed by stomach acid, within a few minutes after ingestion. Whatever health benefits you think you’ll get from the “living enzymes” in wheatgrass, exist only in your imagination.

Wheatgrass does contain some minerals, vitamins and other useful phytochemicals – just like all other plants that you eat. It is no way better or “healthier” than any other vegetable you like.

There is no real, proven benefit to be obtained from drinking raw plant juices of any kind, including wheatgrass. There is however, a good chance of picking up a serious E.coli infection or worse, a tapeworm infestation, especially if you use improperly treated compost to grow that green stuff in the comfort of your own home.

The only established fact about wheatgrass is that it is a decent source of plant fiber – just like all other plants on this planet.

Still, if you do want to guzzle wheatgrass juice thinking that it will cure you of all your ills, I can’t stop you. Just be aware of the risks involved – acute gastroenteritis being just one of them.

You know that pink and grey stuff that’s inside your skull? It’s called a brain. Use it.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. As Nature intended.

Cheers … Srini.

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