The Great Nutraceutical Tamasha

Tamasha:  A word known across India. It means “farce”.

Nutraceutical:  Modern catch-word used to describe a confusingly wide range of allegedly healthful products that are allegedly derived from food, or from medicinal plants disguised as food, or offal, glandular secretions, organs, tissue and heaven-knows-what-else, and are allegedly safe and allegedly efficacious.

Note the repeated use of the word “allegedly”.

There are other catch-words that sound impressive but mean nothing – functional food, pharma-food, dietary supplement, nutrimedicine.

If the claims made by those who peddle these nutraceuticals are entirely true, then we just need to gulp their products every day, and we would be blessed with eternal life, thick black flowing hair, slim waists, muscular bodies, surging libidos, and huge throbbing dicks.

After twenty years in the nutraceuticals line, I have none of the above.

The problem with nutraceuticals is money. Nutraceuticals are a multi-billion dollar business, notably in the US of A.

There’s a lot of money to be made if one has sufficient money to start with, understands the regulatory loopholes in the law, can hire some clever lawyers, and knows how to package and present his “miraculous” nutraceuticals to a gullible customer.

That gullible customer of course, is you.

It’s “science” they thunder at you. We have “evidence”, “research”, “time-tested proof”. We have patents, government approvals, license to sell. Yeah sure.

What they’re selling to you, and what you’re actually buying, is not Science but … Hope.

Nothing more than Hope in a bottle.

Come with me then, as I take you into the world of Nutraceuticals.

Let’s talk real science and let’s talk the truth. Then you will understand how you go out of your way to make millionaires out of snake-oil merchants. Admittedly, they’re not all snake-oil merchants, but many of them are.

After that, you can decide what’s good for you.

Stay tuned.

Up next: The Fantastic Antioxidant Hoax.

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